Incorruptible Flesh: Messianic Remains Preview

London Preview of Ron Athey’s “Incorruptible Flesh: Messianic Remains”

Ron Athey

Join us for the preview of Ron Athey’s newly developed performance, “Incorruptible Flesh: Messianic Remains”, taking place at ]performance space[ in the Swan Wharf building in Hackney Wick.

5/30/14 8PM – 11PM

E3 2NQ London | View map

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A proto-type of this piece was originally commissioned by Performance Studies international conference at Stanford University and has been shown across the US at Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn; Defibrillator Gallery/Mana Contemporary, Chicago; Human Resources, Los Angeles; in 2013 and early 2014. Athey recently received funding from Arts Council England to fully develop and actualize the performance, with this event marking the first showing of the completed piece before it tours in various locations across the UK and EU.

This performance is the fourth installation in the Incorruptible Flesh series. “Messianic Remains” continues Athey’s exploration of the continuation of his own post-AIDS body. Previous installments were done in collaboration with the late Lawrence Steger, who died of AIDS during the mid-late 1990s, and in the new millennium with London-based artist Dominic Johnson. Between 1996 and 2007, performances took place in Glasgow, Chelsea Theatre in London, and at the funerals of Leigh Bowery in New York and Amsterdam. As in earlier works in the series, Athey rides the grandiose myth of enlightenment that only the face of death may reveal.

Suitable for audiences age 18+

The performance will be followed by a Q + A session with the audience.

Special thanks to: Maria Sideri, Sage Charles, Llewyn Maire, Hermes Pittakos, Rachel Friere, Alexandra Groover, Jose Macabra, Shaun/PRICKIMAGE, Andrew Mitchelson, LADA, ]performance space[, Arts Council England, and 2 Gyrlz Performative Arts.