New Aktionist Llewyn Máire Creates work through live art/ performance activism, sound, movement, visual media, and gastrocculture.

sound – aktion – food

With the gyrl grip, a New Aktionist Kitchen, through solo and collaborative works, Máire seeks to expose, challenge and explore the constructs of identity, the mediation of socio-cultural experiences, and the manipulations of power.

The participation in ecstasis, intimate exchange, and construction of temporary autonomous cultures motivates the work, which strives to create space within which to share an investigation of our struggles and revelations. Moving ever forward in love and rage through inter-independence…

Máire has co-founded and directed several collaborative projects over the years including: 2 Gyrlz Performative Arts, PAN!ZEN, Akari Morpheus, TOPI PANdrogyne, and a New Aktionist Movement.

Llewyn Máire has made work throughout North America and Europe since the late 1980s.

A few of the diverse events include;
Autonomous Mutant Festival (Cascadia), Full Nelson (Los Angeles), La-bás (Helsinki, Turku), ArtAction Festival (Monza), PSi (Rhode Island, Copenhagen, Utrecht), Rdece Zore (Ljubljana), Five Holes (Toronto), Wickerman (Scotland), 11 11 11 (Manchester), Ron Athey’s Gifts of the Spirit (Manchester/Birmingham) and Messianic Remains (Stanford, London, Glasgow), Buzzcut (Glasgow), Shiny Toys (Mulheim), Culture Night (Galway), Torture Garden, Tempting Failure, and UnTouchable (London).