Dear Rector Mikkel Bogh:

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit this application for Professorship at the School of Media Art. As a practitioner, instructor, and curator of interdisciplinary art practices for 18 years, I can offer a wide range of skills and experience that meet, and even exceed, expectations for this role.

As listed here, I will bring a unique combination of experience, skills, connections to international academic and artistic networks, as well as my deep commitment to teaching, which will greatly benefit the School of Media Arts, your students and the international reputation of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Many thanks for your time and consideration. I look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you in person.


Allison (Lisa) Newman

Links to Application Materials

Copenhagen Application

Live Art course syllabus

Lisa Newman CV 2013


Blood for Money

Flesh for Fantasy

Gifts of the Spirit


List of Documentation

Live Art

The Artist is Preserved
I Was Young When I Left Home


Honey Is Home
Eros/ Thanatos





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