Our Story

2 Gyrlz began it’s legacy with the formation of
Two Girls Review,
an experimental literary/ arts journal based in Eugene, Oregon, USA;
headed by Lidia Yukman (now Yuknavich) and Devin Crowe.

Two Girls then created an event production division to pay for the
journal and began promoting events, primarily in Eugene and Portland.

Some of the events hosted by Two Girls included local as well as international artists and performers such as; photographers Andres Serrano and Joel Peter Witkin, performance artists Annie Sprinkle, Kate Bornstein, Drew Pisarra, writers Andres Codrescu and the late, great Kathy Acker.

The journal moved to San Diego with Lidia and the reins of the event division where handed to Lisa Newman and llewyn máire.

The Girls became Gyrlz
and the Two became 2,
and after an initial onslaught of performative events, the gyrlz became incorporated as a Public Benefit Nonprofit in January of 2001, despite major setbacks caused by a fire that same month (the bulk of equipment, audio/video studio, and the archives and personal materials of Máire where lost).

2 Gyrlz Performative Arts was born.

Since the spring of 2000, several event series were born, including: the four year annual, month-long enteractive Language Festival, free local event series Perpetuating Response, Identity Fuxus Forum, and many others…

These events involved local and international performance artists; in ways that seek to amplify our primary focus on promoting local art and performance.

2 Gyrlz has moved beyond the strategy of incorporation, and immigrated to  Manchester, England (2009 – 2015). Currently, the gyrlz have set up in the Republic of Ireland where we intend to create and Artist Residency and HQ at our new home in the Burren.

Uncompromising performance through inter-independence…