The State of Magick/The Magickal State

Lisa Newman will be joining Geraldine Beskin (Atlantis Bookshop), Dr. Matthew Cheeseman (University of Sheffield), Robert Dickins (Psychdelic Press UK), The Reverend Nemu (Astral Clergy), Sharron Kraus (Musician), William Redwood (Writer), and Sara Zaltash (Performance) for Nick Kilby’s (New Aktionist, sacred things) unique conference on Magick and Performance 23 May.

Photograph by Gerard Hutton of Charlotte Rodgers’ ‘Isis Unveiled

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Book Launch in Manchester

Join us for “Body Crossings”: an open discussion with Ron Athey and Jennifer Doyle about their work and latest publications – “Pleading in the Blood: The Art and Performance of Ron Athey” and Doyle’s “Hold It Against Me: Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art” – part of the 2013-2014 CIDRAL “Border Crossing” lecture series at the University of Manchester.

Copies of both books will be available for purchase/signing at the reception immediately following the event.


Pleading in the Blood: The Art and Performance of Ron Athey

Ron Athey is a central figure in the development of performance art since the early 1990s, and this is the first book devoted to his practice. Pleading in the Blood foregrounds the prescience of Atheyʼs work, exploring how his visceral practice foresaw and precipitated the central place afforded sexuality, identity, and the body in art and critical theory in the late-twentieth century.

This landmark publication includes Atheyʼs own writings, and commissioned essays by maverick artists and leading academics. It showcases full-colour images of Atheyʼs art and performances since the early 1980s, including extensive documentation of solo performances and ensemble productions, and his photographic collaborations with other visual artists.

Pleading in the Blood includes three newly commissioned essays on different aspects of Atheyʼs work by Adrian Heathfield, Amelia Jones, and Dominic Johnson. These scholarly essays are complemented by shorter texts by Homi
K. Bhabha, Jennifer Doyle, Tim Etchells, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Matthew Goulish, Lydia Lunch, Juliana Snapper, Julie Tolentino, Alex Binnie, Catherine (Saalfield) Gund, Bruce LaBruce and Catherine Opie, along with a hand-written text from Robert Wilson. The book also includes Atheyʼs own writings, including new pieces and hard-to-find archival texts.

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Voices in the Chapel

2 Gyrlz Performative Arts,
in collaboration with Platt Chapel,
are proud to present a night of traditional and experimental vocals and music

laptop orchestra MMULe (Manchester),
acclaimed mezzo soprano and composer, Nina Whiteman (Manchester),
and internationally renowned Tuvan throat singer and ritual performance artist, Soriah (Enrique Ugalde – Oregon) as part of his October tour of the UK.


Ron Athey & Sue Fox Discuss GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT

by JC Gonzo

Extreme body artist Ron Athey‘s latest large-scale performance installation Gifts Of The Spirit: Part 1 occurred at The Whitworth Hall in Manchester, UK. The piece centered around the art and experience of automatic creative manifestation, including writing, vocalization, and music. Having not explored a subject on such a massive and involved scale in over 10 years, Gifts of The Spirit included the following: 16 automatic writers, 6 typists, 4 editors, 1 reader, a piano and a glossalalia chorus. The event was entirely fabricated by Athey himself, with additional music performance from automatic composition from Othon Mataragas.

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Ron Athey: Gifts of the Spirit

It’s rare that I should be blown away by performance art; challenged perhaps, occasionally touched, but more often contemplative and with a tendency to drift along with my own imagining, straying from the intended path. But tonight I was grounded firmly in the present moment as legendary body artist and former Pentecostal ingénue Ron Atheyunveiled his latest ‘channelling’ in the historic and pitch-perfect surroundings of The Whitworth Hall at the University of Manchester. Continue reading

confused guff

A review from Gifts of the Spirit by

I am waiting in what appears to be a gothic lounge in a building of the University of Manchester and the air is already thick with humid art-speak. The room is also thick of people sporting tattoos, piercings and occultist Heavy Metal T-Shirts, a display of some half remembered connection with the spiritual and religious meaning these marks once communicated, and it could be a show of affinity with the tattooed and pierced Athey himself. Continue reading